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Face Shields vs Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new global need, face coverings to prevent the spread of the disease.

This has brought about some intense innovation. We’ve seen new masks on the market in every possible material. We’re also seeing face shields being used to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Science

“If someone coughs 18 inches from you while you are wearing a face shield, the immediate viral exposure is reduced by 96%, (Dr. Jennifer) Veltman says.” 1

Dr. Veltman and many other experts see face shields as a legitimate form of protection.

Ideally, one would wear a mask and a face shield, but face shields are perfect for someone who can’t wear a mask.

Persons with asthma, COPD, claustrophobia, and many other illnesses and disorders can benefit from wearing a face shield where a mask is not appropriate for them.

The Best Shield

The best shield is honestly the one that someone is willing to wear.

The shield should be invisible, easy to clean, and durable. It can’t be too heavy or difficult to wear. It should have a headband on the back that holds it in place. On the forehead, a washable or replaceable cushion will make it more comfortable.

Face Shields for Children

Young children don’t like masks for the most part. It’s strange and uncomfortable for them to have their mouths covered. A face shield leaves space in front of their nose and mouth so they can breathe well and unrestricted.

Again, combining a mask and a face shield is ideal, but the face shield alone can prevent most of the exposure and help to stop exposure that one might cause others.

When trying to convince a child to wear a mask, it can be helpful to talk about astronauts and deep-sea divers who wear masks to protect them. Make a game of wearing a face shield and they’ll probably wear it even when they don’t have to.

Choosing the right Face Shield Supplier

The right supplier is able to keep the product arriving, even in this time of high demand. While vaccines appear to be on the orison, it will be many months before everyone, or even the majority of us, has gotten a vaccination and is immune to COVID-19.

Supplies have been difficult to find, but the manufacturers have started to ramp up and can now handle the colonies’ need to keep everyone protected.

Forget the Mask

Many people have rebelled against wearing a mask. They feel very restricted and uncomfortable.

The face shield is an excellent option. It protects everyone but allows one’s face expression to be seen and easy breathing.

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