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How to choose a China eyeglasses frames manufacturer

How to purchase eyeglasses frames from China?

The following points are suggestions from Chinese suppliers

  • According to the required eyeglasses material, find a suitable supplier.

  • According to the distribution of glasses factories in different cities, to find the right supplier.

  • According to quality requirements and supplier qualifications.

The material of the eyeglasses

For a manufacturer, different materials require different equipment. It is almost impossible to have a company that can produce a variety of different materials at the same time. a factory with all materials, its cost will be very high. So before purchasing, you need to know what kind of glasses you want this time. In this way, we can find the right supplier more accurately.

The eyeglasses materials currently on the market include the following aspects

Handmade acetate

The acetate material currently used in the Chinese market is imported from Italy or produced in Shenzhen China, or produced in Wenzhou.


The material of the metal is the richest.

Titanium, memory, stainless steel, copper. Nickel.

Because the stainless steel production process has been greatly improved in the past two years.so stainless steel replaced the previous copper, nickel. Most of the metal eyeglasses we use now are made of stainless steel.

Tr 90 plastic eyeglasses

 It is an emerging material that has emerged in recent years. The main advantage of this material is that it is lighter. For people who need to wear glasses for a long time, this can greatly reduce the burden.

Plastic eyeglasses

The biggest advantage of this material is cheap.

Determining the materials before buying is very important to find the right supplier.

Where to locate an eyeglasses frames supplier in China?

Chinese eyeglasses manufacturers are relatively mature. the factory distribution also has certain characteristics.

Shenzhen & Guangzhou mainly make mid-to-high-end products.

Xiamen’s geographical location is relatively close to Taiwan.

Therefore, many suppliers in Xiamen are generally companies from Taiwan.

Danyang, Jiangsu, mainly produces lenses.


In fact, there are many glasses manufacturers in Wenzhou, there are thousands of them. What we generally call Wenzhou actually includes three different regions.

Wenzhou  Ouhai glasses base. Taizhou.   Mayu

Wenzhou is the world’s largest manufacturing group for eyeglasses. There are thousands of manufacturers, trading companies, and component suppliers in the area. The latter helps to reduce the unit costs of the product.

There is also a very special area, Yiwu.

Many people think it is good and cheap in Yiwu.

Yiwu is close to Wenzhou. There are many shops in Yiwu Market, which are actually wholesalers. They collect grey stock eyewear from different factories.

However, with so many manufacturers to choose from, how can we identify the ones that are qualified?

To do this, let’s consider the following:

Does the supplier have experience in manufacturing products by the regulations in force in your market? This is important especially

CE   Required certification for the European market.

FDA  A certificate for the US market.

ISO  Production certification.

BSIC   Social responsibility certification.

There are also some test reports.

UV400   Sunglass lens certification.

or the nickel-free test in electroplating.

Flex spring Test of usage times.

Whether the material is tested for environmental protection.

Different requirements have a great impact on prices.

Therefore, before you start looking for suppliers, create a specification sheet

Welcome to China to purchase eyeglasses.

This is Tina Young, owner of Sum Optical Company.

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